You are a member of the North American Rebellion fighting against the oppressive presidential administration of Marcus Torren. Montreal, the capital of the North American Union, was not heavily impacted by the nuclear wars of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. You take the role of an operative of the Montreal chapter of the continent-wide rebellion. In Montreal, many political factions fight together against the Torren administration. Capitalists, anarchists, democratic socialists, nationalists, and artisans work together, albeit with some tension, to bring down the totalitarian rule of the current regime. You can take the role of one of these faction members and/or a spy for any faction or even the Torren administration. The themes of the game include paranoia, fear, and bittersweet victory. There is no gain without loss, and some will be called to give all.

Welcome, players, to post semi-apocalyptic North America. In the Wiki you’ll find more information about the history, setting, and critical figures in the world we’ve created. We’re so glad that you’ve chosen to play with us. But be warned. This is not a happy go lucky, karma point waving, I get shot down with a machine gun but come back because plot armor story. Everyone is very mortal, hyper-mortal even. The President’s Personal Guard (PPG) is ruthless and they do not tolerate dissent. As much as most of the rebellion loves free speech ideologically, there is no three strike rule. Not even a two strike rule. If you pose a threat to the solvency of the rebellion, you will be shot (or otherwise executed). There is too much at stake. By all means make light of a terrible situation, but be careful who you do it in front of. In this campaign you’ll meet people who have lost families, lovers, friends, children, limbs, and not least almost twenty years of their lives to fighting against great odds. Things are coming to the fore—finally you’re able to fight back without immediately being destroyed. But if you pose a threat or expose a weakness the rebellion might just take you out faster than the PPG. We encourage players to be bold, though. It is a dangerous world out there, but take this opportunity to play a character that is not a self insert, or that strives somehow differently than you would in the same situation. Play a role! We love you all, but we want characters, not you.

We encourage someone to play, for example, a Quebecois fascist. A middle management individual whose only dream is to become wealthy would also be welcome in this rebellion. The Torren Administration oppresses almost everyone, including businesses that don’t explicitly favor them. That doesn’t mean that some—if not a majority—of the other rebels won’t roll their eyes at you. Specific factions in the game are quite cliquey. But that’s the role. We encourage you all to try something different.

On this site, you will find a myriad of useful information on historical context, important people, and important factions within and outside of the rebellion. You will find Most Wanted lists of the rebellion, of the administration, and of foreign governments. You will find the Rebellion’s list of known operatives and combatants of Torren’s government. And you will find more, if you search for it. Reach out!

Torren's North America

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