Torren's North America

Session 13

Alice contacted the team for another assignment in Trois-Rivieres. Nathalie and Amiri were to go in advance to handle something at the university, while the others would join later with a different task.

Nathalie and Amiri left in advance, driving back to Egil’s University in Trois-Rivieres. They were given 500 Amero and mechanical sensors for bugs. Annette Noster, the co-President of the Baking Club whom Amiri and the group had spoken to before, had been threatened by Edme Romane, who had told her that the police knew where the club met and had bugged their meeting space. They drove up to Trois-Rivieres and called Annette, scheduling a meeting with her at 3 PM. They also scheduled a meeting with Professor Elanore Arguilles, the Baking Club’s sponsor and Montreal’s contact, at 2 PM.

Nathalie and Amiri went for lunch after picking up some honey for the professor. They ran into some of Ambre’s staff selling lemonade at the university. Once inside the Student Union building, Amiri spotted Edme Romane, who seemed very upset and tense about something. He came up to speak with them. They told him that Nathalie was a potential student and then dismissed him. He told them to bring Professor Arguilles some of the lemonade.

They got some lemonade—the kids gave Nathalie a free cup because she’s Ambre’s sister—to bring to the professor. They looked for bugs in her office and found none. The professor told them that she got the feeling that Edme had spooked Annette by saying something uncouth to her, but that—while intention was irrelevant—it was not intended as a threat. She stressed that this was her impression and she could not know for sure, and that they should not diminish Annette’s feelings. She also told them to look for bugs in Blaise Cormick and the rest of E-Board’s room, and to contact her after they did.

The pair went to meet Annette outside of the Student Union building. They were accosted again by kids selling lemonade who recognized Nathalie as Ambre’s sister and commented that she should be in Senior Management like her brother. Nathalie turned down another free glass of lemonade and wouldn’t get one for Annette.

Annette showed them to her room and they looked for bugs but found none. She explained why she was so fearful and they told her what the professor had said. With distance, it seemed to make sense to her. Blaise texted her asking her to make a cake with him, and then she got a text message from Edme apologizing and asking to meet. She replied that they might be able to in the next week. She sent an RA to Blaise’s room when they asked for baked goods.

The pair went to look for bugs in Blaise’s room. They again found none. He had been smoking and offered them pot, but they turned it down.

Meanwhile, Annette went shopping for cake ingredients and also bought supplies for Korean BBQ. A child asked her if she injected heroin when she had to balance her insulin levels, the child’s mother mortified.

The group then checked the rest of E-Board’s rooms, but found no bugs anywhere. Amiri commented that it looked like they just needed a new meeting place. Amiri and Nathalie told this all to Professor Arguilles, who came on to Amiri before dismissing them both.

Annette invited Amiri, Nathalie, Blaise, and her partner Raymonde to her room for the cake and Korean BBQ, and then sent them all back with leftovers before she and Raymonde tucked in for the night. Nathalie and Amiri returned to their hotel to wait for the rest of their team and the next assignment.

Session 10

-Yolanda met with them at the motel, drugged off her ass, introduced Nathalie.
-Told to get another dead drop and meet up with Felix.
-Thing with the kids at Dorchester Square. Maia left, they bought felt flags, gave them to the kids, took the thing,

Twin 1 hurt. Don’t tell twin 2.
Loudmouth and Pedestal getting lunch. Again…
Tsunami confirmed. NAU—>AL.

met up with Maia at the cafe and came in on a phone conversation she was having in a germanic language they didn’t understand.
-They called Yolanda, Yolanda didn’t recognize the code names in the note, said she’d make some calls and that Felix was on his way.
-Felix got there, Sera and Olga. Also told to bring a note that read “Hurt how” to a Farmer’s Market in Longueil.
-They went to the Farmer’s Market. Maia said she couldn’t go inside and went for a walk.
-Nathalie, Felix, and Amiri went inside. Dupont family. Amiri stole the phone.
-Felix stepped outside, said he was looking for Maia. Felix, Amiri, and Nathalie went for a walk to meet up with Maia, and got a call from her saying that they should split up. Amiri saw that Maia was on the phone when he came up. She hung up and they went in a cab, which was very fancy. Felix and Nathalie got in another down the block.
-Amiri showed Maia the phone. They read through Sera’s texts. Her communication with Olga was confirmed to be to set up Adam Dupont’s birthday party. They also looked through Sera’s emails, though they only went back one day. She had emails from various reporters, as well as from a staffer of the EU Prime Minister named Maile Boothe in town for diplomatic business, and from a balloon company.
-Maia realized that the driver was listening to their conversation, and he spoke to them over the loudspeaker, even though the glass was down. They awkwardly fell silent.
-As everyone arrived on the island, their cars were stopped and everyone was told to exit. Taxis were sent back across the bridge and an air-raid siren shriek as a flight of bombers flew in low overhead. Only Maia lost her cool, but the explosions in downtown montreal spelled ill for the rebellion.
-The group was informed that after an hour they would be bussed across the bridge, but Felix received a call from Quinn Burger, asking them to destroy a Howitzer parked on the Island.
-Maia said they should wait to see, and sent a text message. A few minus later, she said that the rest of the group could do whatever they wanted, but that she might have to sit it out. We ended the session as the group struggled to decide on their next move.

Session Nine

With both Felix and Corva busy, Amiri and Clement were visited again by Henri’s prodigy Weston Turner. He questioned them about how extracting Clara Dane had gone, but it became clear that he already knew when he yelled at them for allowing her to be arrested, and about their fiduciary responsibilities. He said he had been told that Corva had thrown money at a cab driver who immediately knew that they were involved in illicit activity, and yelled at them for being so reckless with spending, focusing now on Amiri, regarding his gullibility with the police officers who arrested Clara. He told them that both Stephanie and Clara were safe, that Clara had tried to cover for them, and that the Big Five were disturbed that Amiri had just passed off 5,000 Amero to a PPG officer.

Weston told the pair that they would be accompanied by oversight from the Big Five. Amiri complained that they didn’t need a babysitter. He and Weston got into a huge argument over what it meant to serve the revolution that ended with Weston lecturing and Amiri begrudgingly agreeing with him. Weston led their oversight inside. Her name was Maia Beckett, and she was a young woman of mixed race in her twenties who Weston said was on loan from Seattle. Amiri started to flirt with her, though from the beginning, she was unreceptive and spoke very little.

The now-trio was assigned three tasks—to retrieve a dead drop from Dorchester Square, to meet rebellion operatives by the docks and help them transport anti-tank rifles, and to meet with a legislative aide to a member of the Senate.

The group went to Dorchester Square. After a brief conversation with a homeless man, they retrieved the note. A PPG officer approached them, but believed their lies that they were ornithologists. They moved to a rebellion coffee shop to read the note:

WMDs coming in. Gas—mustard, high grade tear gas, nerve?
Incoming 13:00 Mar 17 on Rt. 20 in armored cars.
Tanks on 134 (3), 720 (4), 27 11 elsewhere.
Olga has been in very frequent touch with press office. Speaking out?
Naval vessels in St. Laurent.
Torren upset. Not surprised.

Maia checked something quickly on her phone, but put it away almost immediately.

The group called Yolanda, who was in the middle of a firefight. They then called Weston and relayed the message.

Next, the group went to the Jacques Cartier docks. They met up with the rebellion operatives, an older man and woman, and transported the anti-tank rifles in pieces to an apartment a few blocks away. Clement and Amiri had several run-ins with PPG, but successfully transported their parts. Amiri and the older woman knocked one of the PPG officers out and stole his walkie-talkie. They brought it back to the group and listened for a short while before throwing the walkie-talkie into the back of a garbage truck, implicating the mob.

Amiri, Clement, and Maia drove over the Jacques Cartier Bridge to Longueuil. There were three checkpoints, and in the center one, Maia was questioned more extensively, and pat down by a male officer, even though there was a female officer with him. They eventually arrived at the restaurant and matched a man they saw there with the description Weston had given them. Maia said she would wait outside for a minute, and maybe join them. No more than a minute after Amiri and Clement sat down, Maia came inside, and sat next to the aide. He gave them a message in code that both Maia and Clement believed they recorded correctly. When they returned over the bridge, Maia asked for the female officer at the center checkpoint.

After the meeting, the trio went to visit Yolanda in the hospital, where she was immobile following the battle. Clement repeated a nonsensical explanation of the meeting involving James Arceneau and the Asiatic League collaborating to assassinate President Torren with genetically engineered alligators, until Yolanda quieted him and listed to Maia’s explanation. She said that the aide worked for the Prime Minister, Stephen Clay, and that Clay was successfully rallying support for the rebellion in the Senate. Clay thought that elected officials might have more success working with the rebellion in the mid-west, and he counted on further European support. Maia didn’t understand the final part of the message, so she repeated it verbatim—“the watershed will overflow at the time of the rooster.”

Yolanda asked Maia if she could keep her here. Maia smirked and replied that she had a job.

Yolanda told Maia that her residence had been moved to the motel where the others stayed. Maia said she was shocked, and Yolanda said that she had been too.

Maia got a call from her mother, but said that she couldn’t talk.

The group went to relay the messages to Weston now, and when they arrived, he left a closet, cheeks red. When Clement recounted his version of the story again, they heard a scared squeak from the closet. Maia told Weston what she remembered.

The National Weather Service sent out an alert that played around the continent and was heard in their metro station about a tsunami spotted in the Pacific.

The trio went back to their motel, and Maia returned to her own new room to make some private calls.

Session 5

After leaving the group alone, Alice returned to the room and demanded everyone’s phones. They put them into her copper bag, and after a brief hesitation, Pockets put her second phone in as well. The group moved downstairs and moved into the side cars of various motorcycles.

After a brief and resolved run in with a police officer, the motorcade drove to a rebellion pub, where the group learned that they had been escorting Colette Torren. They moved into the pub and started talking while giving the bartender permission for Colette to drink. They vaguely learned that she was being abused, but didn’t press for any details. She expressed concern over her fate within the rebellion and they assured her that she’d be taken care of. Alice and Quinn and Weston left with Colette, and the rest of the group stayed at the pub.

The next day at about 1:00AM Alice called the group individually to inform them that they would be attending a party at the Wilcox’ the next day. At the party, the group roved, and learned various information from different people at the party:

Nuclear tests are taking place next weekend in New Mexico.—Senator Jody Williams

Banking reforms being blocked in Senate.—Jaslyn Daniel

Montreal Police Department is hiring new Street Enforcement Recruits—Adrien Leval

Detective Liliana Vega knows that someone is in Sam Wilcox’ (Stephen Wilcox’ wife’s) pocket.

Selena Echevarria wants a loan for Space Bomber construction in Seattle.

The group learned through Mirette Torren that Senator Carl Adam has a vote coming up to secure funding for Re-Education Centers in Manitoba, Cincinnati, and Little Rock, and that the army’s being sent to Manitoba.

The group (especially Amiri) Learned from Maximilian Kreuger that Nestolen was sabotaging the water treatment plant rebuilding so that they can gouge on water prices.

The group overheard from Christie Morrison that Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox are into S&M.

Amiri and Felix learned that Mirette Torren has sold some of her art, including to the Wilcox’, and suspect that she is anorexic. Mirette thinks that Colette is at a friend’s house, and she was rushed out of the party early, along with her mother, after the group saw Elodie’s demeanor change, and her talk with Erik, Ariel, and Sean, who moved to talk with them.

Everyone went home separately, and spoke with Alice. Alice called everyone the next day and requested meetings pursuant to a task they needed to complete before the weekend was through.

Session 4

Alice called Amiri and told him the details planned with Felix for the soup kitchen—a work emergency had come up for Felix and he would have to miss the visit. She also told him that the group would be joined by Clement Marchand, a French European citizen whose skills would, the Big Five believed, help them as they moved forward. Amiri found a letter in his mailbox from Pockets.

You couldn’t do better? Tell your bosses to give you a raise. -P

Amiri and Clement met at a café Sunday morning at 10:30. Pockets joined them around 10:45, surprised to see the newcomer, and angry that she hadn’t been told anyone else would be there. They went to an Italian restaurant to plan their next steps, and then walked to the soup kitchen. Across the street, they noticed a plainclothes cop car parked in one spot, and another in the fire lane. They decided not to all go in at once, and Amiri went inside to ask their contact, George Harmon, to join them outside to talk.

Amiri walked into the entryway and was scanned and then frisked by a pair of federal agents. He was allowed to pass, and noticed a redheaded teenage girl sitting on the floor, engrossed in a sketchpad. She wore a brown, wool, knitted sweater, dark jeans, and a red flower in her hair. A dark olive jacket sat on her lap, and a PPG Personal Security guard watched her from a nearby seat. She and the guard both looked up to Amiri. He waved, and spoke with the guard, who told him to head back into the kitchen to volunteer. He moved inside and saw Elodie Torren, an identical redheaded teen to the girl in the main room, a male and female guard, and two other men. Elodie wore a maroon turtleneck, light pink jeans, and a grey peacoat, and the twin wore a bright blue v-neck sweater, dark grey jeans, purple eyeliner, and black jelly bracelets up and down her arms. She didn’t seem dressed right for the cold, while she did wear a sweater. After purging his surprise, Amiri engaged in small talk with Elodie. The twin in the kitchen moved over to the male guard and complained about having to get to practice. Amiri asked for George, and the man passed him a tray of food, asking him to set it on the burner in the main room. Amiri moved to do so, and noticed that the twin on the floor shifted her jacket to her side, and Amiri saw a red square patch in the lining. She was showing a drawing in her pad to the guard. Amiri moved back for the kitchen and spoke more with Elodie.

Outside, Pockets asked Clement to check in on Amiri, since he’d been inside for about ten minutes and she didn’t like that they hadn’t heard nor seen anything. After a back and forth of protest, Clement agreed, and moved inside. He was scanned and waved through, and he moved up to the twin on the floor and the guard, and noticed the patch in her jacket as well. He asked a question of the guard, but before anyone could answer, a trio of agents moved inside, guns drawn, and a finger over their mouths. The guard who had been inside jumped up, pulling the girl into the back closet, and the door locked. One of the agents motioned to Clement to get on the ground, and he did so. The two guards in the kitchen told Amiri to put his hands up, while the owner of the kitchen, Jared, and George moved to the side. One of the guards ushered Elodie and the other twin to the same closet through the second door and locked it. Amiri, Clement, and Pockets were all arrested. When they were released, Amiri and Clement noticed that Pockets was badly beaten and bruised.

Amiri led them to a safe house after they made sure they hadn’t been followed, and they called Alice. They told Alice that one of the twins had been wearing rebellion paraphernalia. This shocked her, but she didn’t press it. They identified the twin in the kitchen as Colette—a champion swimmer—and the twin on the floor with the red patch and the red flower as Mirette. Amiri told Alice that he had given some information about her and Cassandra, and admitted that they hadn’t gotten to speak with George. Alice told them to stay there, and that she was coming for dinner.

Session 3

Thursday morning, Felix, Amiri, Pockets, and Jane went to the Marvel event, meeting with Julie Bellanger to spy on Champlain Valley Union high school. Julie gave Felix a key code to the loading dock and the elevators just before they arrived. Some hall monitors and the two Marvel contractors Felix hired helped them unload and set up the event. The group found themselves in Julie Bellanger’s office, where they talked amongst themselves, the workers, and some of the hall monitors. Julie left to move boxes, giving the others a chance to converse and to act. One of the hall monitors flirted with Jane, revealing that he was eighteen as well as the fact that he had a key to the school. Jane flirted back, and the two left the rest of the group. Pockets was able to get footage recorded from the security computers and to get some other data about what programs were used. Felix focused on keeping the other workers, hall monitors, students, and Julie distracted, though Pockets was nearly caught when Julie Bellanger returned to her office a few minutes later. Amiri and Pockets began to distribute Marvel flyers throughout the school, focusing on the first floor and leaving two boxes of Rebellion fliers in storage closets in the upper floors of the school. Meanwhile, Jane Campbell and the hall monitor had sex in the second floor handicapped bathroom. He allowed her to take his key, and she promised to open it for the two of them at 3 AM the next morning.

While the others set up, the Police Chief of Montreal introduced himself to Felix, and they met his two children, Shelly and Joanie. They had a short conversation. The Marvel event went well, and at the end, Pockets attempted to pickpocket several Marvel executives, getting caught each time and eventually being kicked out of the event by Felix to ensure that he did not lose face nor credibility as a government official. The rest of the group split, and the two other people who were hired left with the truck before they could finish loading all of the boxes, leaving several with Marvel and Rebel propaganda behind at the school. Felix apologized to Julie and said he’d pick up the rest of the boxes tomorrow. Jane arranged to meet the hall monitor the next night, around 3:00 AM.

Later that day, Pockets programmed a virus that would be able to hack the BIOS of Julie’s computer, replacing the footage automatically with a loop of stock footage gathered earlier that day while also back-editing footage for the fifteen minutes before hand. While her programing was somewhat successful over the course of the day, it wasn’t until the last minute that it finally came together, creating a masterwork that had potential to find later use as well. Amiri returned to work, as did Jane, and Felix counted his day successful, also returning to work to great applause from the rest of Marvel, except for the second man who had been the victim of attempted pickpocketing, who complained about Felix’ choice of staff. He assured the man that he would never hire Pockets again.

Around 12:30 in the evening, Amiri, Pockets, and Felix met at the school again, entering through the loading dock with the key that Jane had acquired for them. They quickly made their way to the SRO’s office, entering using Julie’s PIN and then deactivating a timer alarm using her initials and PIN. Pockets plugged the virus in, at which point it booted the computer, quickly taking control of the systems and overwriting the video footage. She remained in the office to ensure that everything went smoothly. Meanwhile, Felix and Amiri flyered the school, hitting all the floors. After they returned, Pockets wiped down all of the surfaces she’d touched, including the pin pad, and debated with herself whether to re-arm the code. She determined that it should be re-armed and entered the key code again, causing a solid red light to begin flashing. The party traced their steps out of the school, locking her door behind them and leaving.

Jane Campbell met with the Hall Monitor again in the school to commit certain carnal acts.

Felix returned to the Champlain Valley to pick up the remaining boxes, where he met a particularly upset Julie. Julie asked if he could take her for a ride in his car so that they could discuss what happened. Julie revealed that she had been called by Danielle Montagne, the second in command of the press office, to inform her that at least one school had been flyered and that she was calling all of the SRO’s to keep watch. She said that she then checked the lockers of her own school, and found they had been flyered as well, at which point she called Danielle back. She said that even Cheerful the Hypoallergenic cat had been able to tell something was off. Julie said that she had been told to passively collect the flyers and not to make a big deal about them. She was following instructions but was afraid that she would be in trouble because her security codes were used during the break in. Felix assured her that he had no idea and that everyone would understand that it wasn’t her fault. She was somewhat relieved by his words and offered to buy him coffee on Sunday should she be available. They parted with a small hug and she returned to work after he got the boxes.

The next day, Amiri met with Evan, the Montreal PD homicide detective who had spoken with Amiri, Jane, and Felix a few nights previous. He asked Amiri several questions about how he had met Jane, how long they’d been friends, and what they were doing talking to heroin addicts. Amiri gave answers that mostly satisfied the detective. Amiri asked Evan if he knew anything about the pawn shop owner having been involved with the rebellion, which Evan replied he had not. He asked Amiri how he had heard it, and Amiri managed to play it off, saying that he’d heard it from someone in the mail room, though it was a close call. Evan left Amiri with his contact information and stated that he might need to have Amiri testify if a trial came about but that he was not in trouble. The two parted ways on good terms after Evan offered to pay for lunch.

Later that day, Felix, Amiri, and Pockets met Alice for dinner. On the way in, they noticed Evan and another man in a very different uniform eating, holding hands. The party made their way to the other side of the restaurant where they told Alice in detail how the operation had gone and received another mission from her. She told them to meet with Clara Dane at a local high-brow brothel, Blossom, where their visit was already partially paid for. She told them that they would have to ask to be reimbursed after revealing they were with the rebellion. Evan approached their table after following his partner towards the restroom. He greeted Amiri and said hello to his friends very politely before introducing his partner, Charlie, when he came out of the restroom. Charlie went to pay and to order a dessert while Evan chatted with Alice, Felix, and Amiri. Alice started to grin, and Evan asked her how she knew Amiri. Alice said that Amiri worked for Cassandra Peck, who had taken her in years prior. Pockets fled to the restroom, not wanting to speak with the detective. Alice followed, unable to keep from laughing. Pockets begged Alice to drop her off at Felix’s house, which Alice refused to do. The group met back at the table before Alice and Pockets left to have her hand examined at a hospital. While it had been infected from not being treated properly the night before, they managed to get her on an anti-biotic which would help keep the swelling down and fix her up in a few days. Felix covered the bill at the restaurant, and he and Amiri had a conversation.

Pockets arrived early at Felix’s apartment, setting up a lawn chair outside of his door. Felix resisted the urge to punch her when he opened the door, and the two of them found Amiri in the lobby. The group left around nine thirty to travel together to the brothel, where they were early. The receptionist greeted them and Pockets paid with a credit card stolen from another woman. Amiri, Pockets, and Felix moved into the bar area where they had various levels of alcohol, and Pockets tipped very well. They were called up by the receptionist and taken to Clara’s room. They informed her that they were with the rebellion at which point she told them that a provincial senator had been talking about building a new political prisoner camp where they would be used as slave labor in the development of weapons of regular destruction as well as ammunition. There was a shipment coming up in La Tuque, but she didn’t know for certain how it was getting there, since there was no major water way nearby. She mentioned that Harold Kampsa’s business might be affected, and that she thought the rebellion would want to take care of this somehow. Clara told the party that that was all she knew about the shipment. As the group prepared to leave, she insisted that if they left too quickly—people would be suspicious because she was a very high priced prostitute, and because the appointment was for up to two hours. The group played strip poker, with only Felix managing to retain a few items beside his underwear, while Amiri came in second. Pockets was reduced to only her underwear and the prostitute was quite gleefully entirely naked. She then suggested that, though it was business, she truly enjoyed sex in all its forms and would happily have sex with any or all of them should they so desire. While Pockets quietly refused, Felix hesitated, ultimately refusing despite Clara’s best attempts to tease him. Amiri decided that he wasn’t one to refuse the very enthusiastic advances of a truly beautiful woman, so he agreed to stay. Felix left before the two began to kiss, and Pockets took several minutes to leave, clearly trying to be annoying. Amiri and Clara had extremely excellent, mindblowingly amazing sex which lasted nearly twenty five minutes thanks mostly to the professional expertise and control that Clara exercised, even though the last several minutes had left Amiri on the verge. While Amiri lay on the bed, utterly exhaused and perfectly thrilled, Clara showered and the other two returned. They bid Clara farewell and she offered Amiri a voucher.

The group left, returning home, though Felix went to Dorchester Square where he met Alice. She told him that she suspected the railway would be used to transport the supplies, since they had recently built new tracks, but that they would need to speak with one of the telegraph operators who worked in the far north of the province. She told him that the operator would be in town on Sunday and that in particular, they could find him at the Ladle of Love soup kitchen over lunch.

Session 2

Yesterday, Felix arranged for Marvel to hold an event at Champlain Valley Union High School, planning to use it as a cover for collecting information pursuant to flyering that school. He assessed the situation as being extremely difficult given the general lack of advanced technical competencies in the party. Felix called Alice to discuss solutions. Alice said she would handle it, and asked the party to meet for lunch. Jane Campbell called the others, unable to meet due to work obligations, and Amiri worked in the morning. Alice contacted Amiri, Felix, and Victoria (Pockets) Eberly to tell them to meet at the restaurant.

Outside of the restaurant, Pockets waited for Alice. When Felix arrived, he approached Pockets and continued talking with her after she seemed uncomfortable. Felix moved inside, taking a seat in a booth. Alice arrived, moving in with Pockets. Alice introduced the two of them to each other and they continued waiting for Amiri who showed up a few minutes later.

While Alice discussed the plan with Amiri, Pockets, and Felix, explaining that Pockets would fill the gap in technical skills including larceny and computer hacking, Quinn Burger arrived wearing a fedora. He tried to inject himself into the conversation. He hit on Pockets and offered to buy everyone drinks, which Pockets accepted. He left to sit at another table at Alice’s insistence, stating that there was something he needed to speak with her about later. Alice stepped to the side to accept a phone call, while the party noticed a plainclothes PPG talking with the maître d. The party noticed she got upset through the call, and seemed preoccupied when she returned to the table. Amiri asked what happened, and she said the PPG had gotten an informant, and that they were figuring out what had happened. The party finished discussing their plans, and Amiri left, almost running into the Dupont family. Marnee and Michael Dupont insisted on being super cute and nice, holding the door open for Amiri while their parents rushed to make sure they were not getting in the way. Shortly, the children ran up to the plainclothes PPG agent, and everyone went their separate ways.

A few hours later, Felix called Pockets and Amiri into a coffee shop, using code to relate that they were going to meet up outside of Champlain Valley Union High School at 6:00 PM, but there was miscommunication between Felix and Julie Belanger, and so the group relocated to JFK High School, Felix deciding they would flier at Champlain the next day during the Marvel event.

The party showed up on time, moved around to the back of JFK, where Pockets electronically disabled the lock. The party entered the school, flyering the lower level lockers. Upon reaching the SRO’s office, a camera was spotted and several attempts to disable it resulted in minor injury to Pockets. Eventually, a piece of electrical tape was placed over the camera’s lens. The party continued to search offices, including the SRO’s office, where they found few items, though they did come across a crumpled letter which everyone in the party read:

Stephanie Thours had a huge bruise on her inner calf and I know she hasn’t had gym yet this week. Swim team hasn’t practiced either. Mary Wright has also been acting strangely, and they’re best friends. Look into this?


The party searched various closets where they found medical supplies, permanent records, and other things including a bag of beanbag material in which there was a jingling of metal. Pockets insisted on putting her hand into the beanbag material to grab the metal. She was bitten twice by a mouse. Amiri cleaned the area, putting the bloody beanbag material in the trash and poured bleach on the floor. The next closet was a security closet which included a recording device and spare tapes. The party took two tapes, including the one in the recorder. Then, the party flyered the rest of the lockers and left the school.

Between 8:30 and 9:30 PM, everyone received a phone call from Alice. You were told that you were not to flier at the school during the Marvel event the next morning. The plan was stated to be that you would assist with the Marvel event, while scouting the school for cameras and locker locations. Pockets would try to step aside to look over security protocols, and potentially hack into them. You would return to the school that night, with Pockets’ lain foundation and your scouting of the school’s layout making for an easy, in and out job, that night. And then you all went to sleep.

Session 1

Jane and Amiri entered the Old Post Office on time for their meeting with Alice Hoffman, the newest member of the Big Five, but Felix came ten minutes late. In the interim, Alice, Jane, and Amiri sat and waited. Henri Nichols approached to ask about the meeting, and Jane and Amiri noticed him place a hand to Alice’s lower back. Alice told Henri that they were just waiting for Felix, and Henri left for a meeting with Yolanda Galindo.

Felix arrived, and Alice asked them to look into the murder of Absolom Cartier, and to stuff lockers at JFK High School and Champlain Valley Union High School for the first week of classes. Alice told them that Champlain Valley had higher tech as far as they could tell. The group went for dinner and then went to the pawn shop owned by Cartier. Inside, Jane flirted with Sebastian Cartier, the son of Absolom, who had taken over the pawn shop a day prior after flying back into town. They exchanged phone numbers. Felix and Amiri drew the attention of Evan, a Homicide detective with the Montreal Police Department, who noticed Felix had a concealed weapon.

Felix left to accept a phone call from his boss, and Jane flirted with the detective, who took down her name, cell phone, and place of work.

Amiri purchased a book, and Evan left the shop. Jane and Amiri encountered a pair of heroin addicts asking for the drug. One asked Jane if the shop still sold heroin in secret. She called the police to report them, but changed her mind when they said they had recently become employed, and sent them away before the police arrived. The officer fingerprinted and breathalyzed Jane and Amiri and let them go. At 9 AM the next day, Evan called Jane at work, and they set up a lunch meeting, where Jane told Evan what had happened the night before and then left him with the bill. Felix went to Champlain Valley Union High School under the guise of setting up a Marvel get back to school event, to scout the technology and security in place. The School Resource Officer, Julie Belanger, is in the process of taking him around the grounds, where he is trying to commit what he sees to memory.

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3. Choose a theme

If you want to set a specific mood for your campaign, we have several backgrounds to choose from. Accentuate it by creating a top banner image.

4. Create some NPCs

Characters form the core of every campaign, so take a few minutes to list out the major NPCs in your campaign.

A quick tip: The “+” icon in the top right of every section is how to add a new item, whether it’s a new character or adventure log post, or anything else.

5. Write your first Adventure Log post

The adventure log is where you list the sessions and adventures your party has been on, but for now, we suggest doing a very light “story so far” post. Just give a brief overview of what the party has done up to this point. After each future session, create a new post detailing that night’s adventures.

One final tip: Don’t stress about making your Obsidian Portal campaign look perfect. Instead, just make it work for you and your group. If everyone is having fun, then you’re using Obsidian Portal exactly as it was designed, even if your adventure log isn’t always up to date or your characters don’t all have portrait pictures.

That’s it! The rest is up to your and your players.


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