Torren's North America

Session 13

Alice contacted the team for another assignment in Trois-Rivieres. Nathalie and Amiri were to go in advance to handle something at the university, while the others would join later with a different task.

Nathalie and Amiri left in advance, driving back to Egil’s University in Trois-Rivieres. They were given 500 Amero and mechanical sensors for bugs. Annette Noster, the co-President of the Baking Club whom Amiri and the group had spoken to before, had been threatened by Edme Romane, who had told her that the police knew where the club met and had bugged their meeting space. They drove up to Trois-Rivieres and called Annette, scheduling a meeting with her at 3 PM. They also scheduled a meeting with Professor Elanore Arguilles, the Baking Club’s sponsor and Montreal’s contact, at 2 PM.

Nathalie and Amiri went for lunch after picking up some honey for the professor. They ran into some of Ambre’s staff selling lemonade at the university. Once inside the Student Union building, Amiri spotted Edme Romane, who seemed very upset and tense about something. He came up to speak with them. They told him that Nathalie was a potential student and then dismissed him. He told them to bring Professor Arguilles some of the lemonade.

They got some lemonade—the kids gave Nathalie a free cup because she’s Ambre’s sister—to bring to the professor. They looked for bugs in her office and found none. The professor told them that she got the feeling that Edme had spooked Annette by saying something uncouth to her, but that—while intention was irrelevant—it was not intended as a threat. She stressed that this was her impression and she could not know for sure, and that they should not diminish Annette’s feelings. She also told them to look for bugs in Blaise Cormick and the rest of E-Board’s room, and to contact her after they did.

The pair went to meet Annette outside of the Student Union building. They were accosted again by kids selling lemonade who recognized Nathalie as Ambre’s sister and commented that she should be in Senior Management like her brother. Nathalie turned down another free glass of lemonade and wouldn’t get one for Annette.

Annette showed them to her room and they looked for bugs but found none. She explained why she was so fearful and they told her what the professor had said. With distance, it seemed to make sense to her. Blaise texted her asking her to make a cake with him, and then she got a text message from Edme apologizing and asking to meet. She replied that they might be able to in the next week. She sent an RA to Blaise’s room when they asked for baked goods.

The pair went to look for bugs in Blaise’s room. They again found none. He had been smoking and offered them pot, but they turned it down.

Meanwhile, Annette went shopping for cake ingredients and also bought supplies for Korean BBQ. A child asked her if she injected heroin when she had to balance her insulin levels, the child’s mother mortified.

The group then checked the rest of E-Board’s rooms, but found no bugs anywhere. Amiri commented that it looked like they just needed a new meeting place. Amiri and Nathalie told this all to Professor Arguilles, who came on to Amiri before dismissing them both.

Annette invited Amiri, Nathalie, Blaise, and her partner Raymonde to her room for the cake and Korean BBQ, and then sent them all back with leftovers before she and Raymonde tucked in for the night. Nathalie and Amiri returned to their hotel to wait for the rest of their team and the next assignment.



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