Torren's North America

Session 5

After leaving the group alone, Alice returned to the room and demanded everyone’s phones. They put them into her copper bag, and after a brief hesitation, Pockets put her second phone in as well. The group moved downstairs and moved into the side cars of various motorcycles.

After a brief and resolved run in with a police officer, the motorcade drove to a rebellion pub, where the group learned that they had been escorting Colette Torren. They moved into the pub and started talking while giving the bartender permission for Colette to drink. They vaguely learned that she was being abused, but didn’t press for any details. She expressed concern over her fate within the rebellion and they assured her that she’d be taken care of. Alice and Quinn and Weston left with Colette, and the rest of the group stayed at the pub.

The next day at about 1:00AM Alice called the group individually to inform them that they would be attending a party at the Wilcox’ the next day. At the party, the group roved, and learned various information from different people at the party:

Nuclear tests are taking place next weekend in New Mexico.—Senator Jody Williams

Banking reforms being blocked in Senate.—Jaslyn Daniel

Montreal Police Department is hiring new Street Enforcement Recruits—Adrien Leval

Detective Liliana Vega knows that someone is in Sam Wilcox’ (Stephen Wilcox’ wife’s) pocket.

Selena Echevarria wants a loan for Space Bomber construction in Seattle.

The group learned through Mirette Torren that Senator Carl Adam has a vote coming up to secure funding for Re-Education Centers in Manitoba, Cincinnati, and Little Rock, and that the army’s being sent to Manitoba.

The group (especially Amiri) Learned from Maximilian Kreuger that Nestolen was sabotaging the water treatment plant rebuilding so that they can gouge on water prices.

The group overheard from Christie Morrison that Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox are into S&M.

Amiri and Felix learned that Mirette Torren has sold some of her art, including to the Wilcox’, and suspect that she is anorexic. Mirette thinks that Colette is at a friend’s house, and she was rushed out of the party early, along with her mother, after the group saw Elodie’s demeanor change, and her talk with Erik, Ariel, and Sean, who moved to talk with them.

Everyone went home separately, and spoke with Alice. Alice called everyone the next day and requested meetings pursuant to a task they needed to complete before the weekend was through.



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