Foreign Governmental Officials and Family

African Union
President Mosi el-Ghazzawy, Egypt
First Lady Lujayn el-Ghazzawy, Egypt
Personal Aide Idir Sekibo, Libya
Vice President Arvel Clayton, South Africa
Prime Minister Abasi Wangai, Kenya
Foreign Minister Malaika Hussain, Morocco

Rumbidzai el-Ghazzawy, Egypt, age 28
Saleem el-Ghazzawy, Egypt, age 25

Asiatic League
President Piotr Krupin, Russia
First Lady Nastasya Krupin, Russia
Personal Aide unknown
Chinese Premier Rou Lai (married, and sexual partner of Piotr Krupin for almost forty years)
Foreign Minister Hyun Lee, Korean

Most children unknown. Several children are regional administrators, or hold other high ranking positions. Ask God for more information.

European Union
Prime Minister Rosalie Somers, Belgium
First Husband Xavier Bonaventura, Spain
Chief of Staff Alain DeParis, France
Yehudit Fermi, Italy, Head of the European Commission

Sanne-Aleksa Bonaventura Somers, Belgium, 32
Gabriel Bonaventura Somers, Belgium, age 25
Aldéric Bonaventura Somers, Belgium, age 9

North American Union
President Marcus Torren, Quebec, Canada
First Lady Elodie Torren, Boston, Massachusetts
Chief of Staff James Arceneau, Quebec, Canada

Mirette Torren, Quebec, age 17
Colette Torren, Quebec, age 17

South American Union
President Alano Aguilar, Argentina
First Lady Alicia Aguilar, Chile
Personal Aide Cristobal Rossi, Brazil
Vice President Juan Soria, Guatemala

Estrella Aguilar, adopted from Mexico, NAU, age 15

Foreign Governmental Officials and Family

Torren's North America DMteam